Purses with a past!

We just received a new shipment of Michelle Cooley's beautiful bags and this new set is so detailed in vintage fabric goodness. Each bag has it's own story and style. We think these bags are perfect to wear all year long!


New jewels

See anything you like? Call us for prices and we ship!


Our favorite treat

When Annie's Banannies opened last year, we immediately fell in love with Annie's guilt free dessert. A banannie is basically just a frozen banana made into an ice cream consistency and topped with things like nuts and fruit. Sage (employee/owners daughter/monkey) just got a job at Annies, which means we have been filling up on our share of Annies, which gives us enough credibility to unofficially endorse as one of our favorite places in Rehoboth. In true BellaLunatic fashion, we were inspired by Annies to create a headband that is just enough banana and just enough Bellalunatic! Below we listed each employees favorite toppings (just in case you wanted some ideas)

Janice- Peanuts and chocolate syrup
David- Strawberries and blueberries
Sammi- Peanuts and strawberry puree
Carly- Peanutbuttter
Mugg-Chocolate chips and whip cream
Sophia- TBA
Esther- Peanuts and walnuts
Sage- Pineapple and chocolate syrup
Marten- Peanuts and peanut butter

Leave a comment if you have tried Annies and what your favorite toppings are!

Even more sweet treat: our frutti tutti headband minus the teenager.