Bella Luna's Friday Night Art Show

Lesson to be learned: Applying lipstick to one’s face and acrylic to one’s canvas simultaneously is no easy task (and comes with severe consequences if one mixes up one's hands).

Due to my procrastination with my own art portfolio, I spent pre-art-show trying to get ready while finishing some paintings for college admissions. Regretfully, I showed up a half-hour past fashionably late, but despite my tardiness I still had plenty of time to admire the work of artists much more established than myself, at Bella Luna’s Friday Night Art Show. 

Artists: Carly Thurman and Janice Elder wearing Johnnymeg
Carly Thurman, a long-time Bella Luna alumna, displayed her own exotic yet simple handmade jewelry collection, Johnnymeg. Her collection can seen and purchased on her Etsy site as well.  

Esther tries on one of Carly's pieces
Guests browse the collections with champagne  and chocolate-covered strawberries in hand

Queen Janice covered Bella's walls with her whimsical, ocean and floral inspired paintings. They are still on display brightening up the entire store, so be sure to drop take a peak if you could not make it to the show. 
Queen Janice and daughter Sage 
A Janice original

Jennifer, me, and Sophia pose in front of Janice's artwork

A few member of the Bella Luna Family reunite
Carly, Colleen, Janice, Sammy, Esther, and Sophia
We were glad to see friends, family, and locals come out for the night of cheese-tasting, picture-taking, and art-admiring. I have received word that Bella Luna will be joining the Second Saturday Mosaic Art Walk in the near future. Supporting the Rehoboth art scene, Bella will be showing local student work and of course, serving refreshments to accompany. More details will be given later. 

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Thank you to all the Bella-Lunatics.

Live creatively, 


Love Creates Love

"Amor gignit amorem"—Love creates love. To the surprise of many, the legend of saint valentine was not derived from singing cards or printed sugar candies—it has a much coarser origin.

The Beloved Roots

The Catholic Church sainted a priest by name of Valentine for his brave defiance against the Emperor Claudius II of Rome back in the third century. The emperor had decided single men made better soliders than those with attachments, and so he outlawed marriage. The priest, Valentine, married couples in secret under the emperors rule, and was eventually executed for it. It was a truly romantic operation—forbidden love, secret matrimony, a martyr for young lovers—but somehow the history evolved into this commercial holiday for waxy chocolates and cheaply made bears that wheeze 'I love you'.

Modern Romance

I believe that St. Valentines Day is very important to our society. It is the only holiday that really focuses on love, human to human. People like to be thought about, they like to be surprised, they like a little vulnerability. Instead of treating the holiday as a chore by dragging yourself to CVS in the freezing wet weather, or rebelling against the holiday as a whole, complaining "it's a scheme", allow yourself to see it through new eyes. The littlest “You’re my favorite” note can make a bigger impression on someone than the largest box of Whitman’s. While you might believe major businesses exploit the holiday and diminish it's meaning, use the oppurtunity to support small businesses while buying thoughtful and and less "standard" gifts for those who you appreciate.

Some things I have given over the years:

A funny doodle
Favorite baked goods
A personal note, dated, and signed
A favorite book with a To:/From: on the inside cover
tangible photo with a message on the back

Localized Love

As a foodie, I naturally make it a must to dress up and go out to dinner, because I like the excuse. I also use this as a good excuse to pick out some appropriately shiny new jewelry from Bella Luna for my night out (with a note “To myself, I love you too—Me”). My advice is to make reservations well before-hand at restaurants in town, because I am not the only one who likes a nice dinner. In fact, a lot of the restaurants reopen for spring on this day, so why not celebrate the coming end of off-season as well? Soon the warmth of velvet hearts will be replaced with the warmth of the sun and sand, and who wouldn’t love that.