Maternal is Eternal

There is something about Mother's day that separates it from the other holidays. Mother's day is a kind of pure holiday. It does not involve itself with a lot of the negativity or controversy that often surrounds other holidays. Mother's day is available to anyone who wants to celebrate it. It does not discriminate against religion, nationality or age—everyone has a mother in his or her life. Whether she is a birth mother, a mother figure, a stepmother, or the mother next door, almost everyone can think of one great maternal figure to celebrate on this day.

Vintage Pins
Bella Luna is like the Mother's Day haven for most. It's equipped with pretty little gifts and things that are guaranteed to lift the feminine soul. I like to pair something hand-made with something purchased for my Mom's present. 

This year I made her a floral moon dreamcatcher, and some earrings to make her feel good. Possibilities are really endless when it comes to your Mom because any effort exerted to make her happy will be appreciated. 

Mother daughter relationships are very important to us bellalunatics because most of us are mothers, or the daughters of the mothers, or the some-what adopted daughters of the mothers (like me). 

Here are some old photographs of the mama bellalunatics, in all their vintage beauty.

Queen Janice's Mom, Joan
Margaret (center), her mother-in-law Joan (left), and mother Mariko (right)

David's mom, Lois
Jenn's mother, Janice
Last, but not least: my mom

Remember two things today:
1. Appreciate the women in your life, today, and everyday.
2. Sidewalk sale is the upcoming weekend!

Be strong, be wise, be beautiful.


Showers + Flowers+Sales

Well April has really stayed true to her nature, in that she can't make-up her mind. This kind of weather makes planning for the day quite difficult. This morning I while I was designing on my computer and the sun was strong, and the sky clear. So I packed up my easel, paints, brushes etc. and set up in the fields to relieve some artistic stress. Barefooted in my romper, turband, and ombré sunglasses I got in about forty-five minutes of Velvet Underground inspired "theatrical"painting.  

*theatrical painting‑ dancing and singing while creating "art"

Three cups of black tea might have been a strong inspiration as well. My neighbors think I am mad. 
My palette began drying abnormally fast and that is when I noticed the ominous rolling clouds above me. Downpour. Fortunately, I am a natural rain dancer so I didn't mind swimming back to my house. 

Here are some tips on how to enjoy the fickle weather this month:

☼ Enjoy the springtime and paint out-doors.
☂ Let the rain paint for you, like I inadvertently did.
☼ Grab some mint water from the Rehoboth Variety and  walk around down-town.
☂ Use the rain as an excuse to shop for a new head scarf
☼ Gordon's Pond trails, short and easy to escape if the the weather turns suddenly
☂ Got to a yoga class
☼ Yoga on the beach?
☂ Coffee-shoppe chit chat with a friend
☼ Make lemonade
☂ Skim Naked Hollywood: Weegee in Los Angelos
☼ Wear a flowy-skirt; forget the tights, but remember the honey-bee accessories
☂ Doodle in Rosie Flo's chic little coloring book, because why not?
☼ Vitamin D: absorb, absorb, absorb

Take note of this: 

Bella is receiving boxes of new attire for this Spring! 

Also, do not forget about Bella Luna this Friday, the first day for the Get Down in Town event. 

The store will be full of special treats and stop by for the Exclusive Jewelry Sale: all designer case jewelry on sale Friday! This very rare sale will only be happening Friday, but if you mention this blog post we will extend the sale to the weekend for you, our avid readers. Rain or shine, see you there!

Be observent. Be harmonious. Be inspired.



Lea Bradovich

Lea Bradovich


Tim Walker, 2013
Alexander McQueen


Where Have All the Bees Gone?

The Honey Bee population is disappearing according to scientists, but it seems to me that they are showing up all over Bella Luna. Maybe someone should inform the creators of Vanishing Bees about this spring's latest trend.

Bees are vital to the food chain and our natural world. They are responsible for the existence of one third of the food we eat (especially if you are a honey lover like me).

Bees have been worshipped for thousands of years by many different cultures. 

These little, mystical creatures symbolise immortality, perhaps because their honey never perishes. They are also a sign for diligence and feminine power, a parallel for the hard-working woman.

A honey bee will only produce 1 teaspoon of honey in her lifetime--a lifetime's work of one cup of chamomile.

All of these cute things are waiting for you at the Bella hive. Repopulate your hive with honey bees this Spring. 

Bee alive. Bee free. Bee beautiful.


Recycled Spring Bonnet Contest

Participate in Bella Luna's Recycled Spring Bonnet Contest 2013

1st prize $50 gift certificate2nd & 3rd prize $25 gift certificate

Only recycled materials permitted in creation of the bonnet. 
Deadline for contest is Friday, March 29th.

Winners will have hats displayed in the Bella Luna display windows

International Fashion Show of Wearable Art

With stops along the way to our favorite to-go food places, Surf Bagel, Whole Foods and Trader Joe's, Queen Janice and I traveled to St. Timothy's School to see the annual International Fashion Show of Wearable Art. The art students, including our beloved Sage, put together ensembles using recycled materials, all according to the theme: Late Night Television. Roaming backstage for a bit, it became obvious that the girls had devoted themselves to the project, even if it meant meticulously dripping coffee into the plumbing of a skirt. 

Starbucks Ensemble
Coffee filled tubes around the waist
Sage's creation: Construction
Combining cardboard and foam insulation on a plastic bodice with wire skirt, all adorned with nails.  
Cardboard, Cork, and Cape

Circuit Board Top and Insulation Skirt

Potato Chip Bag Flapper Dress
Tissue Paper Peplum
Photo Hard Shell Dress
Vintage Vogue-esque Newspaper Dress
Playing Card and Garbage Bag Vest
Paint Swatch Ball Gown
Be innovative.