Washi Tape

I was finally converted to washi tape once I saw these giant rolls on poppy talk. Washi tape always appealed to me, with all of the fabulous colors and print, but now I am a true believer in how functional it can be.

-So when I popped back down to the store yesterday, I was pleased as could
be when I saw the huge collection of the traditonal smaller tape we now carry.

I took a couple rolls and transformed our normal craft jewelry boxes by layering different tapes on top of each other. It is super easy, and almost full proof with all the different tapes. We might not have the large tape, but you can get the same tonal effect on almost anything -votive and vases, window panes, gift packaging- with our smaller rolls of tape. Priced between $3-4


I'm off to join the circus!

we changed the window displays today, took the 4th of july down and did a circus theme.
lots of elephants and bears with clown hats, sock monkeys....
we had these signs made especially.( I put one over my desk)
flying blabla dolls
don't forget cracker jacks and animal crackers.

love these felt slippers

felted journal too!

this cute felt house is for storing toys or a swanky purse.
colorful glass clock
perfect banner for summertime
these birdhouse are made from vintage books
Julia Child's picture is on the back, did you know she didn't start cooking until she was 37?

No carnival is complete without a ferris wheel.
dont miss the show!