All Wrapped Up

November has arrived and so has the chill. Bundle up with a warm wool, or a nice knit, perhaps even a perfect print. Scarves are a must-have accessory and Bella Luna is fully stocked.


In hope of some November snow,
Stay all wrapped up Bella Lunatics! 
Sophia Moore

(photo credit to Kateland for any pictures of me)


Wholesome Eats & Thanks

When it comes to the culinary arts, I lack all talents and ability except for the ones that include criticism and consumption. Being the only vegetarian in my extended American family, I spend the fourth Sunday of every November trying to make dinner for one, whilst being bullied out of the oven and around the kitchen by a large featherless bird.

During Thanksgiving, and the food preparation that precedes it, I am especially thankful for the Internet. As of late I have been looking for quality meat-less recipes I can enjoy with the rest of the table. 

Last year I half-successfully (took a few tries) conjured up a few dishes that were très magnifique.  These included: Artichoke & Red Bell Pepper Risotto, Ricotta Gnocchi on Fresh Baby Spinach, and Tofu Parmigiana w/ Fire-Roasted Tomatoes. 

However this year I came upon an article on The New York Times website with an array of season-appropriate vegetarian meals. It lists everything from sandwiches to soups to scones, all of which look delicious, but I set aside a few winners from this article and others. 
(and yes I am one of those pumpkin-crazed crazies)

Thanksgiving Meal Plan 2012

☙San Pellegrino w/ squeezed lemon and lime
☙Spiced Chai Tea

Harvest Galette
Garlicy Hummus w/ Baked Pita or sliced veggies



 *Note: Queen Janice reccomends for the pumpkin cheesecake, using non-dairy cream cheese and adding a sprinkle of pixie dust to enhance magical taste
☙ Cappuccino

Even if your family is not vegetarian why not change up the traditional starch-filled, cholesterol-high courses a bit? 
I might end up being the only one eating my risotto and galette, but I know no meat-lover will be able to the desserts.

Happy vegetables, 


The Coast Carries On

After a long week of thrills and chills, traditionally (Sea Witch) and unexpectedly (Sandy), I can report that our locals are experts in the art of sustainment. In spite of the storm, coastal Delawarians did how they always do—they carried on.

 Sophia and I joined forces with the Delaware Chapter of the Surf Rider Foundation to long board next to the "float" and throw candy. Ignoring the atmospheric chaos brewing above, hundreds of little princesses, zombies, and transformers joined the front line of the war zone that is a Halloween parade. 

The objective: candy retrieval. The weapons: open pillow cases, and puppy dog faces. 
Rehoboth Beach culture prevailed. I happened to walk by this extremely talented folky trio performing on the avenue. 

The family below won "Best Collaborated Costume" in my book, as well as "Best Nonchalant Posing". 

In contrast with the lighthearted climate of the streets,  Queen Janice locked herself away upstairs, deep in preparation mode for the days to come. The preparation being sewing starfish to her daughter's mermaid costume. As you can see, Sandy was obviously making her anxious.

While the costumes at Seawitch were quite scary, the foot print Sandy left is a tad more frightening.The newly reconstructed beach by Henlopen Hotel was ravaged, along with the rest of the coast. Dewey was under water, the inlet was breached, and Bethany was submerged. Although we are almost recovered (besides the dunes), New York and New Jersey are far from recovery. 

This past Friday during Cocoa Crawl, Bella Luna sent 15% of it's profits to the Points of Light organization.

A charitable man in my community has been making rounds to the water drop offs in NYC, so as of late my house become somewhat of a water hub. I encourage everyone reach out to community members, perhaps through facebook, or organisations like Points of Light to see what you can do to help our coastal neighbors.

Love thy neighbor, love thy beach.
Kateland Kester