I Love Turquoise

Who doesn't love an accent of bright turquoise?
It adds that taste of sweet summer. 

Even Buddha loves the highlights of a green and blue
to freshen up his look!  

These earrings are fantastic, the mix of blue
and gold is so hip! 

Designer, Ayala Bar, recognizes the beauty of the colors 
of earth and water. 

Can't you see that turquoise glasses are a smart choice?

Use watches to add a pop of color to your wardrobe!

 Who said you can't add the taste of spring and summer to your kitchen?
Bella Luna is all for adding a little color to your life!  

These earrings are to-die-for, definitely a Bella Lunatic favorite. 

Brand new! Little blue bird candles. 
Spring is coming up quickly! 

The mixture of mercury glass and turquoise paint makes this
candle look even better than it smells! 

These rich gold and turquoise earrings can be dressed up or down! 

These gorgeous eclectic earrings can add some funk to any outfit! 

Mmmm, all I want to do is sip on a cup of warm Chai Tea
from one of these groovy mugs. 

Who says you can't bring glam to the kitchen?
Hot pink and turquoise are always a great match! 

These bird, owl, and frog candle votives are too adorable.

I think these fluffy pillows are eating my coworker...
At least they're super cute! 

 Original painting by Janice Elder. 

I can never have too many scarves. The only problem is deciding which one!
Blues and greens are always a must have! 
Be adventurous: add some brilliant turquoise and lovely green to your outfit! 
-Sophia Moore-