Joli Jewelry

Happy Everything!
I have been wanting to show some jewelry by one
of Bella Luna's favorite and long time Jewelery designers,
Jody Lyons of Joli Jewelry.
Jody 's jewelry is made of vintage findings (way before it was trendy).
She is inspired by many cultures and influenced by her stylish grandmother
and artist mother.
Here is a ring dish and earring holder, coral barrette, necklace and broach. All composed of glass, crystal, beads, metal all from the 30's, 40's, 50's and 60's. and all tagged with the history.

here is moi and Jodi at the NYC trade show

she has such a great eye for color.

Bakelite,jade and wood

french enamel

she also does great little earrings for the shy .

these are the most popular earrings, and more colors are coming in today too.

Fun and exotic

and sweet neutral necklaces
(this would be a nice bride piece)
So if you love vintage style, come visit our nice collection of Joli Jewelry,
recycled* made in Brooklyn NY * beautiful