New Year, New Earrings

We have a nice selection of party earrings and they're
30% off this weekend. Here's a look!


Up on the Rooftop...

Dainty dwellings dusted with soft snowflakes.

Pink trees and lime green houses make the
perfect holiday arrangement.

You can never go wrong with all that glitter when making
you own Winter Wonderland.

Is it Prancer, Dancer, or maybe Vixen?

Frosty watches over this frost adorned home.

Mushrooms are a must!
Bella Lunatics love the funky fun they bring to any holiday.

Small Christmas villages have always brought a twinkle to holiday decor, dating all the way back to the late 1800's! While growing up, my family and I always brought out those frosted trees and houses decked with holly to brighten our holiday spirits; every year we got to rearrange the town which always sparked our Christmas creativity!
-Sophia Moore


Trim the Tree

Thanksgiving is done, time to crank up that catchy Christmas music and
add some sparkle to your Christmas trees.

Joy to the World.

Even whales love Christmas.

Patience Brewster is always a must for some quirky holiday ornaments.

These vibrant skates come in a variety of colors.

Glittery, Sparkling Owls.

Treat yourself to a cute holiday ornament.

Swanky Scarves

I love this time of year when you can just put on a cozy scarf without dealing with a bulky coat.

Here's me, Sophia, I'm one of the new bloggers.

Wrapped in a rosy pink, soft- serve.

Our famous Holy Scarf, we have six colors.

Soft and Beautiful.

Wacky, artsy spaghetti scarves.

Squirrely scarf.

Silk with Velvet collar.

Minty velvet with tiny crystals embedded in the fabric.

A perfect gift for a friend, or even yourself.