International Fashion Show of Wearable Art

With stops along the way to our favorite to-go food places, Surf Bagel, Whole Foods and Trader Joe's, Queen Janice and I traveled to St. Timothy's School to see the annual International Fashion Show of Wearable Art. The art students, including our beloved Sage, put together ensembles using recycled materials, all according to the theme: Late Night Television. Roaming backstage for a bit, it became obvious that the girls had devoted themselves to the project, even if it meant meticulously dripping coffee into the plumbing of a skirt. 

Starbucks Ensemble
Coffee filled tubes around the waist
Sage's creation: Construction
Combining cardboard and foam insulation on a plastic bodice with wire skirt, all adorned with nails.  
Cardboard, Cork, and Cape

Circuit Board Top and Insulation Skirt

Potato Chip Bag Flapper Dress
Tissue Paper Peplum
Photo Hard Shell Dress
Vintage Vogue-esque Newspaper Dress
Playing Card and Garbage Bag Vest
Paint Swatch Ball Gown
Be innovative.