Where Have All the Bees Gone?

The Honey Bee population is disappearing according to scientists, but it seems to me that they are showing up all over Bella Luna. Maybe someone should inform the creators of Vanishing Bees about this spring's latest trend.

Bees are vital to the food chain and our natural world. They are responsible for the existence of one third of the food we eat (especially if you are a honey lover like me).

Bees have been worshipped for thousands of years by many different cultures. 

These little, mystical creatures symbolise immortality, perhaps because their honey never perishes. They are also a sign for diligence and feminine power, a parallel for the hard-working woman.

A honey bee will only produce 1 teaspoon of honey in her lifetime--a lifetime's work of one cup of chamomile.

All of these cute things are waiting for you at the Bella hive. Repopulate your hive with honey bees this Spring. 

Bee alive. Bee free. Bee beautiful.