Maternal is Eternal

There is something about Mother's day that separates it from the other holidays. Mother's day is a kind of pure holiday. It does not involve itself with a lot of the negativity or controversy that often surrounds other holidays. Mother's day is available to anyone who wants to celebrate it. It does not discriminate against religion, nationality or age—everyone has a mother in his or her life. Whether she is a birth mother, a mother figure, a stepmother, or the mother next door, almost everyone can think of one great maternal figure to celebrate on this day.

Vintage Pins
Bella Luna is like the Mother's Day haven for most. It's equipped with pretty little gifts and things that are guaranteed to lift the feminine soul. I like to pair something hand-made with something purchased for my Mom's present. 

This year I made her a floral moon dreamcatcher, and some earrings to make her feel good. Possibilities are really endless when it comes to your Mom because any effort exerted to make her happy will be appreciated. 

Mother daughter relationships are very important to us bellalunatics because most of us are mothers, or the daughters of the mothers, or the some-what adopted daughters of the mothers (like me). 

Here are some old photographs of the mama bellalunatics, in all their vintage beauty.

Queen Janice's Mom, Joan
Margaret (center), her mother-in-law Joan (left), and mother Mariko (right)

David's mom, Lois
Jenn's mother, Janice
Last, but not least: my mom

Remember two things today:
1. Appreciate the women in your life, today, and everyday.
2. Sidewalk sale is the upcoming weekend!

Be strong, be wise, be beautiful.